Drake 2B Receiver

2B Receiver

This is a wonderful Drake setup. If you have not tried the Drake 2-B and 2-BQ combination, you are in for a treat. This pair, from about 1960, has a lot of performance value despite its Tonka Truck appearance! You get 500 kHz bands (ham bands plus five more of your choosing), readout to the kHz, a product detector for CW and SSB, passband tuning, and three filters: 3.6, 2.1, and 0.5 kHz. With the Q-multiplier speaker, CW is a dream. The filters are nice, too, but the 3.6 one is a tad narrow for shortwave broadcast listening. There was also a 2-AC crystal calibrator which plugged into a socket inside the rig. Be sure to get one of those! I had this pair by the bedside for a long time and really enjoyed ham band listening with it.

This picture came from the Boatanchor Mugshots Page of Andy, KA1GTT.

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