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If you are copying your text from your word processor, be sure to save the file as ASCII text prior to copying this text into the description area. Failing to do so will result in extra formatting codes and spaces being added to your record. This could cause problems for your record and the database.

For line breaks and paragraph breaks, simply leave the space within your text and the script will automatically add these breaks in the display of the textarea fields. Remove any extra spaces at the end of paragraphs! See Other Formatting.

To Add a Record:

Adding a Record is very easy using our database.

  1. Register as a new user by choosing "Log On" from the menu.
    Choose a username (8 to 13 characters) and password.

  2. Login again using your user name and password.

  3. Choose "Add" from the menu. Complete the form presented to you.

  4. Click "Add" button.

The description field(s) provide a means of inserting a large amount of text. The amount of data allowed within each field will be specified for this database. It's very easy in most word processing programs to count the number of characters in your file.

Be sure to avoid using special characters such as:   ""   @   #   %   $   ^   &   *. These characters may not display properly in all browsers.

To Modify a Record:

  1. "Log On" using your username and password.

  2. Choose "Modify" from the menu.

  3. Search for the record by typing in your userid in the keyword field or "List All".

  4. A form will open will all the infomation contained within your record, simply change the current information to your new information.

  5. Click "Modify" button.

Special Characters:

If you use any of the following characters within your description areas please be sure to use the appropriate HTML code to display it correctly in all browsers. Be sure to avoid using special characters such as:   ""   @   #   %   $   ^   &   *.

CharacterNameHTML Code
<greater then&lt;
>less than&gt;

Other Formatting:

An ordered list of items use:Display
<LI> Item 1
<LI> Item 2
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
An unordered list of items use:Display
<LI> Item 1
<LI> Item 2
  • Item 1
  • Item 2

You can also use Bold to highlight specific words. The bold tag required an opening and closing tag. Example: <B> text here </B>

[ Add A Record | Special characters | Modify a Record ]

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