R.L. Drake Drake Video Tape Information
Submitted by Ron Wagner - WD8SBBwagner@dma.org

2001 Drake forum Tape
"The Drake Reunion"

The 2001 Drake forum was the a very exciting reunion of many of the current and former R L Drake employees. I personally set out to tape the event for myself and a fellow ham would could not attend. As it turned out, I was approached, inquiring about copies of this tape for others. I am happy to do such and the details are as follows.

Ron Wagner WD8SBB

Drake tape content

The tape is a "home video", and I will try to let you know exactly what you are going to receive with this description.

 The tape starts with Sindre Torp giving a brief welcome to the forum and asking the past and present Drake employees to stand for a picture. Next Robert Sherwood of Sherwood Engineering shows a few products available for the Drake equipment. Robert then discusses the issues confronting Ham receivers and the equipment responses. This section of the video is mostly just the camera sitting on the tripod.

After Robert completes his very informative presentation, John Loughmiller requests that Bill Frost introduce the "Drake guys" with the camera following with close-ups of them. Present were (please forgive any misspelling), Milt Sullivan, Jim Waites, Ernie Hilton, Steve Whiteield, Jim Martin, Mike Elliott, and of course Bill Frost.

Many quests were ask, and answered, with the camera attempting to follow. During the process I "all thumbs" a question about Military contracts, but the answer is on the tape. I also lost a question about the TR5 not being produced during a tape swap again, the answer seems to be on the tape (I was using 30 minute VHS-C tapes). Toward the end of the Q&A the moderator was in the way of an answer, so I took the camera in hand and attempted to move to catch Mike's answer. There is then, in true "home video" fashion, a "ceiling shot" while I tried to set the camera back on the tripod.

Following the Q&A, the standing room only crowd gave the group a stand ovation.

The forum continued with Riley Hollingsworth with an update on FCC enforcement.

The ending of the forum included a drawing for a TR44 and other great prizes. Many people went away with great prizes, and great memories.

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Technical information about the tape

The forum was shot with two 30 minute VHS-C tapes. The tapes are going to be combined and reproduced by a company which does this type of work. The tapes that I ship will be about 1 hour in length, and be in the NTSC VHS format. I do not have access to other formats, but I believe that Sindre Torp (Drake Museum) also taped the forum in PAL format. He may be able to provide copies.

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Ordering Information

I have checked on professional reproduction of the tape. The cost will be $15 per tape. This price is for the US and Canada. The price includes priority mail in the US, and via "Air Letter" to Canada. For any other country please e-mail me Non-US/Canada tape requests. For other questions e-mail me WD8SBB@arrl.net.

I would like to proceed with getting everything done. I do not plan to repeat the copy process again. I would like to get a count, and make final preparations. I am setting the final date for orders and payment of June 30, 2001 (basically one month from posting).

Please use the following link to find a form to mail and mailing address information Printable form and postal mail address

I will hold all cashing of checks and money orders until June 30. The video will be sent for reproduction that week or the week after. Since July 4 is a holiday, I do not currently have a guaranteed time when I will have the tapes in my hands for shipping. I would think that I should be shipping the tapes sometime around the week of July 9, 2001. I will attempt to e-mail folks when I ship the tapes. At this time I do not expect to "do it all again", so please order before June 30. Thank you.

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Updated information should there be a need

In an attempt to reduce the amount of updates I might request of Thom, I have a link to a page which will have any updates that may occur. My thanks to Thom for assisting me, and keeping such a great internet forum for Drake enthusiasts.

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