R.L. Drake Repair of PTO Gears

By Dave Campbell <wcampbell@odyssey.on.ca> (from the Drake Mailing List)

     Thanks guys for the great advise in fixing my stiff PTO gear assembly. Here is a summary of what I had to do:

     The above was the easy part, now comes the fun.

  • Completely disassembled the plastic gear assembly and dials
    (Don't lose any of the six brass rivets!)
  • Washed all gears with dish soap and a toothbrush to get any oil and grease that I could out of the plastic.
  • Polished the two (swollen) bushings with #600 wet until they moved freely.
  • Once satisfied I washed them all again and dried everything with a hairdryer. (not to close!)
  • Re-assembled everything
  • One of the idler gears sat a little crooked so I bent the arm holding it slightly so it now sits square to the other gear.
  • Also had to place a thin fiber washer behind that same idler gear to center it with the gear it mates with.
  • The tension spring on the idler gear arms was a bit tight so I replaced it with one slightly less.

     Thats about it! It's all back together and I can tune with one finger again. For anyone reading this and did not see the advice given to me I would like to repeat something very important:

(it causes the plastic to swell)
Unless you want to do all the above!

     Thanks again for the help guys.


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