N7KT's Shack

Above is a picture of Roger's shack, N7KT

From top left: OHR-400, MFJ-901B tuner, DD-1 digital dial (2), LDG QRP Autotuner.

Middle: NorCal Cascade on top of NorCal Sierra, NorCal 38 Special on top of NorCal 40A, WM-2 Wattmeter, Heath HFT-9 and HM-9.

Bottom: Heath HW-9, OHR SCAF, Kenwood TS-450SAT and Kantronics KAM+.

Still building, but need more room, :-)


NOW! What about a picture of your shack - please contact me if you would like me to add it here. Just email me a .GIF or .JPG file or post me a print and I'll do the rest (am QTHR).

Frank, G3YCC

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