Here are a few rigs which Qrpers use frequently:

The K2 HF rig - report

N0HJ's Homebrew 'Sierra'

Pictures of all the QRP rigs!

Comparison of the SGC2020 and Index QRP++

See G4EDX's version of the Norcal 40 - Great!

The Walford Electronics 'Taunton' SSB transceiver kit

KG5N's Norcal Sierra

JM3WUD's Small Wonder 40m rig

Review of the AKD Receiver

G3RJV's Oner

G0JJQ's MFJ 9020 set up

The Mizuho handheld SSB/CW Transceivers

The MFJ 9420 SSB Transceiver

SM0THU's Sierra

The Index Labs QRP Plus

OZ5RM's User Report on the QRP Plus

The Ten Tec Argonaut 515

The Heathkit HW7

The Heathkit HW8

The Heathkit HW9

Frank G3YCC

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