Abbreviations, Prosigns, Prowords
CW--Phone (meaning or purpose)
  • [AA]--(Separation between parts of address or signature.)AA--All after (use to get fills).

  • AB--An before (used to get fills).

  • ADEE--Addressee (name of person to whom message addressed).

  • [ADR]--Address (second part of message).AR--End of message (end of record copy).

  • AR is used at the end of a transmission when calling a specific station before the two-way contact has been established. Use it in place of K or KN when answering a CQ, or calling someone for a sked.

  • ARL--(Used with "check," indicates use of ARRL numbered message in text).

  • [AS]--Stand by; wait.

  • B--More (another message to follow).

  • BK--Break; break me; break-in (interrupt transmission on cw. Quick check on phone).

  • [BT]--Separation (break) between address and text; between text and signature.

  • C--Correct; yes.

  • CFM--Confirm. (Check me on this).

  • CK--Check.

  • DE--From; this is (preceding identification).

  • [HH]--(Error in sending. Transmission continues with last word correctlysent.)

  • HX--(Handling instructions. Optional part of preamble.) Initial(s). Single letter(s) to follow.

  • [IMI]--Repeat; I say again. (Difficult or unusual words or groups.)

  • K--Go ahead; over; reply expected. (Invitation to transmit .)

  • N--Negative, incorrect; no more. (No more messages to follow.)

  • NR--Number. (Message follows.)

  • PBL--Preamble (first part of message)

  • R--Roger; point. (Received; decimal point.)

  • SIG--Signed; signature (last part of message.)

  • [SK]--Out; clear (end of communications, no reply expected.)

  • SN--Soon

  • TU--Thank you.

  • WA--Word after (used to get fills.)

  • WB--Word before (used to get fills.)

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