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DRAKEMOD -THE List of Drake Modifications and Other Information as published by:
Wayne Montague - VE3EFJ montaw@inforamp.net

New ItemDrakeMod in Compiled form - PC Only
Click Here To Download dmodwp.ZIP(Drake Mods in Word Perfect 5.1)
Click Here To Download dmodws.ZIP(Drake Mods in Microsoft Word97)

Jean-Marie Cherry, OPPK030, from Brussels, Belguim has produced two very informative Adobe Acrobat Applications concerning Drake. You'll need the Acrobat Reader to view them.

Download TR7ACCES.ZIP 304,253kb - Drake TR7 Accessories
Download THETA7.ZIP 141,865kb - Drake Theta Communications Controller
Download reducer.zip 2,065kb - Reduce The Size of Your Dipole
Download gwbasic.zip 59,353kb - Basic Interpreter for reducer.bas
Download endfedxls.zip 5,389kb - Spread Sheet to
Calculate various 1/2 wave lengths for end fed antenna.

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