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G4ILO's Shack
G4ILO's home on the web. Articles and free software for HF, QRP, CW and data mode enthusiasts.
http://www.g4ilo.com - 486 hits - 16-January-2006

ARI Alto Lazio
Sezioe ARI Alto Lazio (Radio Club)
http://www.arialtolazio.it - 80 hits - 20-January-2008

KI4JKU's Amateur Radio Pages
My Web Site with some of my favorite QRP links and resources from the net. Also contains my personal construction projects.
http://home.earthlink.net/~hcmoodyjr/ki4jkuswebpage/ - 638 hits - 30-April-2006

Sito radioamatoriale. Resoconti di viaggi e spedizioni con a seguito la radio.
http://www.qsl.net/iz4cco - 403 hits - 30-August-2005

This web site was created to relay infomation about my ham radio hobby.
http://www.ad5jn.com/ - 427 hits - 22-April-2005

KA0IQT's Shack
The new & improved KA0IQT web site!
http://www.ka0iqt.net - 515 hits - 29-June-2005

Amateur Radio Station WX3K
Welcome to my geeky place in the world. RFI, 222MHz, QRP, Vintage radio, glowbugs, VLF, antique radio, and storm chasing are all topics that intrigue me.
http://www.wxpage.com - 1263 hits - 31-December-2003

KQ8RP station description and other ham radio links
http://www.kq8rp.com - 681 hits - 17-April-2004

N7XRD Renton,Wa.
Live Weather In Renton,Wa.
http://www.n7xrd.tzo.com - 509 hits - 18-December-2004

Unlicensed QRP
A site centered around legal unlicensed radio operation and beacon hunting.
http://www.qrp.timpauly.com - 464 hits - 15-May-2005
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