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I build more than I operate.
http://www.geocities.com/oghmcarl/ - 507 hits - 1-February-2006

K2VY Amateur Radio Station
This website is for those interested in the activities and station of K2VY. The K2VY amateur radio station is located in beautiful, historic Haddonfield, New Jersey.
http://www.k2vy.net - 439 hits - 18-July-2005

Archie's Web Page
Mainly Amateur Radio
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/campbell.archibald/index1~1.htm - 432 hits - 17-January-2005

G3VGR's Amateur Radio Website
Personal Interests of G3VGR, mainly QRP and Homebrew projects
http://www.g3vgr.co.uk - 2668 hits - 22-December-2003

K8ZT's QRP Community
QRP Community & QRP Home Companion Author Anthony Luscre's resources page for QRPers, new hams and hams in general.
http://www.qsl.net/k8zt - 518 hits - 31-May-2004

Wa2ntk and W2ntk web site with various links to areas of interest. A breif description of the name
http://www.home.earthlink.net/~rmko218/main.htm - 558 hits - 15-January-2005

CT4ER Radioamadorismo Amateur Radio Construção Caseira
Something about Amatuer Radio and the building of their equipments. Uma breve nota sobre radioamadorismo e construção dos seus equipamentos
http://www.escabelado.web.pt - 522 hits - 4-May-2004

Mizuho & Nishi Musen Reflector & Entusiasts Web Site
The Mizuho and Nishi Musen Reflector (mailing list) and unofficial English language Mizuho enthusiasts site s the home page for English speaking amateur radio operators who use and enjoy Mizuho and/or Nishi Musen ham radio equipment.
http://www.mizuhoradio.com - 762 hits - 27-February-2005

WB5TKA - Amateur Radio
General amateur radio interest focusing on mobile HF, digital modes, QRP, and equipment homebrew.
http://www.dooleystreasurechest.com/wb5tka/ - 1456 hits - 22-December-2003

Zerobeat Forums
The Zerobeat Forum offers amateur radio operators an opportunity to discuss Elecraft products and other areas of interest.
http://www.zerobeat.net/smf/ - 302 hits - 15-October-2007
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