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Something for the weekend!

A Useful HW9 Mod

A Noise Cancelling Microphone

A WWll POW Receiver

CT1ETT's keys, mag loop and rigs

Nifty ideas for You!

Ideas for panel finishing

The Cascade on 80M - another approach

Mods to the Cascade Transceiver for region 1 use

EI9GQ's Simple 80m Tx

A Page Of Good Ideas!

Key operated T/R

A Wide Range VXO

Relative power and 'S meter' add-on unit

Simple side tone circuit

A Cornucopia of Hints and Tips From QRPers

Equipment for Beginners' to Home Construction

Protect that rig!

A Couple of Keys

The Kenwood TS50 on QRP

A Simple RF Indicator

A Click Free Sidetone

Two more sidetone circuits

The Tuna Tin 2

A Simple RIT

Link to the Tuna Tin 2

Mods for the Alinco DX70

Mods for the Icom 706

A Useful RF 'Sniffer'

The Voxner HF Tx

Balanced modulator using NE602's

GDO mod for the MFJ 259 Antenna Analyzer

MFJ Mods

'One Chip' 80m Receiver

Mods for the HW9

Mods for the Sierra

Notes and Mods on the Wilderness SST kits

Notes on the Index Labs QRP Plus

Ten Tec 2m Rig Kit, review.

A Mosfet PA

Semiconductor equivalents - Go to 'product information' on the site

PC keying interface

The R551N receiver

Using the Kenwood TS50s on QRP

The Pixie 2 mini transceiver

An Audio Filter for the GQ-20

How to make your own PCBs

How to make your own PCBs - more ideas!

The Ten Minute TX and a Challenge!

The Oner (a one inch square rig!)

The Sudden Receiver

A Three Band Relay Switched VFO

The 30 Second Field Strength Meter!

The OXO All Band Transmitter

Controlled Charge System for Nicads

A Solar Panel Monitor

Review of the GQ Transceiver

Please note however, that the above review was on one of the first batch of kits available and should not be taken as representative of the kits now on sale, many of which have been built and found to perform very well.

The Ramsey Transmitter and Linear Amplifier Kit

Mods for the HW7 Transceiver

Muting Circuit

Kenwood/Trio rigs - mod for QRP

Protect that Mosfet PA!

Some of SM0VPO's projects

Frank, G3YCC

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